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"A great industrial nation is controlled by it's system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world - no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men." — President Woodrow Wilson*

Henk Ruyssenaars

"The best slaves are those who think they are free." - Goethe

May 9th 2010 - The so-called 'leaders' of the Eurozone countries - apart from shoving 110 billion euro in the direction of the corrupt politicians and banks in Greece - have also decided that their 'ministers of finance' should find a pretext to steal more billions of the European taxpayers. They followed the guidelines, and came up with an 'emergency fund' of 70 billion euros.

They'll call it 'stabilisation plan' and explain the theft 'because it's to avoid monetary problems.' But it's just stolen again! And none of the 495 million people in the 27 EU countries could ever vote for this. Or anything else for that matter. The bankgangsters in Brussels decide how many billions more will be stolen from the taxpayers. That's it!

Also Greece will now be slowly strangled by the IMF and its financiers, who run the whole usury-scheme since ages. The debts and bills are as always for the starving and suffering, while the profits in the billions will go to the already wealty and their vile collaborators.*

This is for instance one of many things the International Monetary Fund, IMF, stands for: "In september 1973 the democratically elected Chilean president Salvador Allende is overthrown. Under Allende, the World Bank and IMF refused to supply loans to Chile. After the putsch, loans were made available to dictator Augusto Pinochet..."

I've seen it with my own eyes, the hungry people. And many times met President Allende who was suicided by Kissinger's CIA. The armed killers working for the banking cartel. I worked as an independent correspondent in Chile during those years and I saw people die because of this. In the beginning I'd visit the poor quarters, the poblaciones, and at one time, seeing the big pot of soup in a corner, I asked: "if they were expecting friends for dinner?" I only asked it once, and the answer I still remember: "No," it was said, "this is our food for this week."

That's what they do to people, this disgusting 'International Murderers Fund' as it's called, in all countries where the IMF garrote is used. Austerity for the people and the wealth to the bank-mafia*


It's the same in Greece: "The hungry are furious. 5 million people live in the area of Athens and Piraeus, and out of them about two million are on the border of poverty," says in its leading article web portal"*

On the site of 'Athens News' there was this question concerning the IMF: "How could an organisation that is theoretically owned by its members - most United Nations members are party to it - become so unpopular and feared?

The fear is based on the historical performance of the IMF, which in the past has offered aid to a host of dictatorial regimes, including Apartheid South Africa, Pinochet’s Chile, Mengistu’s Ethiopia, and Marcos’ Philippines. This, its critics argue, shows that the organisation has little regard for human rights or the social costs of its restructuring policies.

Controlled by...

Its critics also contend that it is effectively controlled by the West. Just as the president of the World Bank (which is headquartered across the road from the IMF in Washington DC) has always been an American, the IMF is headed by a European. [ ] This consensus supports the view that “all state enterprises should be privatised” and that no barriers should exist to the involvement of foreign firms in national economies." - [end excerpt] - 'Athens News' & IMF - What's in a Name?*

The fact that everywhere in the so-called 'European Union' - which is part and parcel of the IMF, World Bank and BIS' money making murderers financial usury-system - also ATM's and banks are attacked shows that most people know who is behind their impoverishment. Who the financiers are that have absolutely no regard for human rights or the social costs of its restructuring policies. Who never cares about millions of starving and dying human beings everywhere.

That's why for instance banks are splattered with red paint, looking like blood, and a bomb exploded at the offices of JPMorgan Chase in Athens. No injuries were reported, and damage was relatively minor. The blast occurred in an upscale area of central Athens, following a warning call to a local newspaper. No group has claimed responsibility, but banks and foreign firms are frequent targets of leftists in Greece." - Athens News*

JP Morgan and some other banks 'helped' for years the corrupt collaborators in Greece to bleed the country. JP Morgan even used their 'Abacus' computer programme to bet against it's own fraud. Now JP Morgan is investigated because of their fraud. Nobody should expect anything, however. The banksters own nearly all. Globally! All concentrated in the BIS...

And the Greeks are the guilty? No way!

The banks, the IMF and World Bank do this to Greece, which I have visited since 1960. I have friends there, who á la minute can give the latest information. So I know what's true or not, based on facts from the greek and my own point of view.

Quote Financial Times (UK) concerning Greece's prime minister Mr Papandreou: "I know we’ll be judged on whether we can smash the bureaucracy and corruption that deter foreign investors and high-quality business and leave the country open to plunderers,” the prime minister said." - [end excerpt] - FT Url.:

This Papandreou, and all who used nice words but secretly siphoned of billions, must be punished. They sold for instance the greek national airline Olympic to the Rockefellers' Marfin Bank everybody can see when entering a plane, also the profits of the greek national lottery, and bought as usual as much as they could for a dime on a dollar, or less.

And don't try to sell that false song again, about 'ratings' and triple A's. Even if the EU plans to have their own 'rating agency': it will be as rotten and corrupt within the BIS mafia, as those described. It's globally one big usury-system. UC?


Moody's Investors Service, S & P and Fitch: ALL belong to the criminal financial cartel. Moody's is bad too: they all sold their 'ratings' for cash. In the U.S. news service McClatchy even had a very informative article about this global swindle: "How Moody's sold its ratings - and sold out investors." - Url.:

Quote: "Wall Street paid as much as $1 million for some ratings, and ratings agency profits soared. This new revenue stream swamped earnings from ordinary ratings.

In 2001, Moody's had revenues of $800.7 million; in 2005, they were up to $1.73 billion; and in 2006, $2.037 billion. The exploding profits were fees from packaging . . . and for granting the top-class AAA ratings, which were supposed to mean they were as safe as U.S. government securities," said Lawrence McDonald in his recent book, "A Colossal Failure of Common Sense." - McDonald's Web site. - Url.:

Standard & Poor's - run by Deven Sharma, who is called 'president' - is owned by the McGraw Hill company, residing snugly in the New Yorker Rockefeller Center building. The connection is clear, isn't it? - Source: Wikipedia - Url.:

And of course also Fitch credit 'rating' agency followed the swindle money, and for instance downgraded Iceland's economy, just like the international usury banks wanted them to. So much for those 'rating agencies' which also are owned by the banksters from the criminal cartel.

The by those BIS-criminals also funded and started so called 'European Union' is just used to shuffle more billions into the coffers of the criminal BIS banking cartel. And the treacherous 'ministers of finance' shut up, because they and their collaborators all know about the usury-system. But those moral and mental cowards and killers have sold out the populaces in most countries. To enrich themselves too. Inhuman and thus punishable as soon as law is valid again.

We're nearly all victims of this global usury-system, surrounded by the permanently stealing criminal psychopathic banksters BIS-mafia. The Shylock-usurers who have betrayed human beings for such a long time.

Like they do everywhere: again and again.

We've got to stop the usurers.

Otherwise: who's next?


Henk Ruyssenaars

Weblog - Url.:

And if you check the links, you'll know why the world over people want and deserve revenge. Revenge from the IMF, the World Bank, the rest of this usury-mafia, and especially the criminal collaborators in their propaganda media too. And, why the people will get it...


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