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Democrats Take the Lead in Pushing Through the Patriot Act

Franklin's Focus 2/27/10 - Candidate Obama promised us he would repeal this authoritarian instrument. Instead, he has taken the lead in pushing to have it renewed with no significant changes. He personally contacted the Democratic leadership in the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked that this neofascist instrument be renewed as is.

There were some Senators who felt changes were needed in the original bundle of authoritarian laws. Obama strongly demurred. He actually would have preferred a still more authoritarian act than the existing one, but he reluctantly went along with a simple renewal of that shameful neofascist instrument.

In today's appended piece, Bill Van Auken succinctly hits the nail on the head when he declares: 'The staggering repudiation of the promises made by the so-called candidate of “change” is not a matter merely of Obama’s own duplicity. He heads a government that is dedicated to the defense of the essential interests of a financial oligarchy.'

It is worth noting that Mussolini saw fascism as deeply entwined with large corporations and once suggested a change in the name 'fascism' that would include a reference to corporations. He correctly saw corporations as powerfully antidemocratic forces within society. He and Hitler were both deeply indebted to huge corporations during their rise to power. Many corporate heads in the U.S. greatly admired Mussolini and Hitler, with Henry Ford being a literally fanatical fan of Hitler.

The fact is corporations are an extreme danger to any democracy. That is one of the known facts that favor the outlawing of corporations. Our founding fathers knew this, and many of them favored outlawing corporations. Our Supreme Court has now handed over this nation to corporations, thusly making the rule by corporations blatantly obvious and surely deadly for what little is left of the American democracy.

The American state today bears no resemblance to the state envisioned by Jefferson, Franklin, and most of the founders. Both of these thinkers would be appalled by the nation that has arisen out of their great experiment.

Today's Quotation

'I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.' - Thomas Jefferson, 1812.*


Fwd. from the World Socialist Web Site -

Democrats vote to renew Patriot Act

By Bill Van Auken

WSWS - 27 February 2010 - With almost no debate, the Democratic leadership in Congress pushed through an unamended extension of the USA Patriot Act’s most notorious provisions, granting sweeping powers to eavesdrop and seize library, Internet and other personal records of US citizens.

The provisions were set to expire by Sunday. President Barack Obama is expected to sign the legislation before then, securing his administration the ability to continue and expand the domestic spying and attacks on basic democratic rights that he and other Democrats had pretended to oppose under the Bush administration.

The three extended provisions give US intelligence agencies the power to: 1) conduct “roving” wiretaps without specifying a particular phone number or e-mail account; 2) force institutions to surrender credit, banking, medical, mental health and library records; and 3) spy on so-called lone-wolf foreign nationals, who have no affiliation to either terrorist organizations or foreign governments.

The Senate approved the one-year extension Wednesday by a voice vote and without any debate. The House followed suit on Thursday night, voting 315 to 97 in favor of the legislation.

Originally, the three provisions were to expire at the end of December, but Congress passed a two-month extension late last year, while continuing to discuss proposed amendments that would ostensibly introduce greater protection of privacy and constitutional rights.

Last fall, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved President Obama’s request to renew the measures after debating various limited proposals to increase judicial oversight and otherwise reform the legislation, while keeping its essential powers intact. The Obama administration offered no support for even the most modest changes, with both the Justice Department and the FBI calling for the provisions to be extended as is.

Among the proposed changes was an amendment that would have barred the government from using National Security Letters (NSLs)—administrative subpoenas issued by the FBI, the CIA and the Pentagon—to obtain confidential records of US citizens who are not suspected of terrorism or espionage. Another would have let the “lone-wolf” provision expire. A third would have required the government to issue written statements setting out the factual basis for obtaining an NSL.

There was also a proposal to allow recipients of NSLs limited ability to challenge the so-called gag orders that bar them from informing anyone that they have been targeted for investigation.

A separate proposal called for the repeal of the section of the FISA Amendments Act that granted blanket immunity to telecommunications companies that cooperated with the government in its illegal warrantless wiretapping program.

Seeking bipartisan consensus on the legislation, all of these measures were defeated, with the committee ultimately adopting—with eight Democrats voting in favor and only three against—virtually meaningless proposals introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein, a member of the Judiciary Committee and chairman of the Senate intelligence panel.

Even these toothless amendments were stripped from the final extension resolution. Democratic leaders justified the action on the grounds that it was necessary to secure Republican support.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy justified extending the worst abuses in the Patriot Act without any changes by declaring, “I would have preferred to add oversight and judicial review improvements to any extension of expiring provisions in the USA Patriot Act, but I understand some Republican senators objected.”

The media has largely attributed the Democrats’ support for the renewal of the Patriot Act provisions and the scrapping of any attempt to amend them as an attempt to avoid any debate that would allow the Republican minority to portray them as “soft on terrorism” in the run-up to the midterm election.

While no doubt such cowardice and opportunism govern all of the decisions made by the Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the reality is that support for the police state measures introduced with the Patriot Act has been bipartisan from the outset.

The measure was passed by the Senate in 2001 with just one dissenting vote and under conditions in which members of Congress acknowledged that they had not even read the legislation. The Democrats have provided the necessary votes for approving every attack on democratic rights enacted since, while leading members of the party in Congress have collaborated in covering up illegal surveillance activities.

While the Democratic Party won the 2008 election based on a platform that explicitly promised to overturn unconstitutional provisions in the Patriot Act and halt “the use of national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime,” since coming to office the Obama administration has continued and expanded these practices.

Successive reports have revealed that hundreds of thousands of NSLs have been issued since the Patriot Act was initially enacted, and there have been repeated revelations of illegal spying on American citizens—including reporters writing stories placing intelligence agencies in a bad light. Nonetheless, the Obama administration Justice Department insisted that there was no real abuse of authority under the Bush administration, and that therefore the act should be renewed.

At the same time, the administration has intervened repeatedly in lawsuits challenging illegal wiretapping under the Bush administration, invoking the “state secrets privilege” to have them quashed. Last October, US Attorney General Eric Holder used this method to seek the dismissal of a suit demanding a halt to the National Security Agency’s illegal dragnet surveillance of AT&T Internet communications and to hold Bush administration officials responsible for this unconstitutional program accountable.

The Obama White House opposes such lawsuits because it does not want its own powers curtailed and fears that any prosecution of former officials could set a legal precedent that could be used against it.

Similarly, it has opposed any probe of senior Bush administration and CIA officials responsible for the torture and killing of detainees, under conditions in which the Obama administration has upheld the policies of rendition and administrative detention without charges or trials.

Just as with its foreign policy that continues the wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan and an economic policy designed to defend Wall Street at the expense of workers’ jobs, wages and benefits, the Obama administration is continuing the wholesale assault on democratic rights initiated by its predecessor.

The staggering repudiation of the promises made by the so-called candidate of “change” is not a matter merely of Obama’s own duplicity. He heads a government that is dedicated to the defense of the essential interests of a financial oligarchy.

Under conditions of deepening economic crisis and in the face of ever-wider social polarization at home, it can defend these interests only by embracing the unconstitutional methods adopted by the Bush administration.

The Obama White House is continuing to build up a police state not for use against some ubiquitous terrorist threat, but to counter the inevitable growth of mass struggles by the American working class." - [and end]

Source: World Socialist Web Site - Url.:

Fwd. by Henk Ruyssenaars


Internet Censorship & What Is Totalitarianism? - Url.:;article=3042;

Top Journalists Speak On Internet And Media 911 Censorship - The totalitarian media manipulation of the US and other governments. - by Henk Ruyssenaars, with editorial comment by Les Blough. ... - Url.:

HR - None of the close to half a milliard people - whose future was concerned - was allowed to read or voted for - the totalitarian superstate EU. Which since January 1st 2010 got its named/'selected president'. - Url.:;article=3110

Google search: Web Results 1 - 10 of about 714 for "Henk Ruyssenaars" +rendition +torture- Url.:



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Dubai, a Mossad hit?

All articles below via Google search: Web Results 1 – 10 of about 18,429 for Dubai Mossad. - Url.:

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 7.50 GMT - You'll get enough to make up your own mind, plus the usual lies, omissions and propaganda: all the smoke and mirrors one can see, as far as the eyes reach...

Google: Report - Mossad used Australian passports long before Dubai hit

Ha'aretz - Ofer Aderet - ‎56 minutes ago‎

Three Australian passports were used in that operation, which Dubai authorities attributed to Israel's Mossad spy agency. Australian intelligence sources ...
Police Suspect Israel's Mossad Organized the Assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh ABC News
UK police in Israel to probe use of fake passports BBC News
British Police Arrive in Israel to Investigate Alleged Mossad Hit Voice of America
The Associated Press - Pajamas Media (blog)
all 2,085 news articles »

the mastermind behind Mossad's secret war
Times Online - ‎Feb 20, 2010‎
When Mabhouh landed in Dubai, Mossad agents were waiting for him. They had flown in from Paris, Frankfurt, Rome and Zurich in advance using their forged ...
European Press Links Israelis to Dubai Killing New York Times (blog)
A Slick Hit Job in Dubai CBS News (blog)
Hamas assassination: Dubai says four more forged passports used Christian Science Monitor
New York Daily News - TIME
all 1,914 news articles »


Dubai Mossad link opens diplomatic rift
Channel 4 News - ‎Feb 18, 2010‎
The authorities in Dubai have today concluded that the operation involved Mossad, although no western power has yet been prepared to confirm that. ...
Dubai Police Want International Team To Probe Murder Of Hamas Man Bernama
In Dubai attack, signs of Mossad shadow war Washington Post
A bumbling Mossad hand suspected in Dubai assassination Los Angeles Times
Philadelphia Inquirer - ABC News
all 4,983 news articles »

HR: Worse than propaganda are those in the power-prostituting-press who sold themselves:

A Perfectly Framed Assassination

Wall Street Journal - Robert Baer - ‎12 hours ago

After Dubai released the tapes, the narrative quickly became that the assassination was an embarrassing blunder for Tel Aviv. Mossad failed spectacularly to ...



February 27th 2010 - The french franchiser for the war profiteers in London* - Mossad agent Sarkozy* - said according to Reuters that "France made errors over Rwanda genocide." But people are still waiting for an excuse by Sarkozy. Because too many know the real participants, like France and Belgium, and who the real financiers of the genocide in Rwanda are.*

The warmonger's bureau Reuters - which also is part of the lies and war propaganda - cabled this on Thursday Feb. 25, 2010:

* Sarkozy admits serious errors, does not apologise

* France failed to appreciate scale of genocide planning

* France, Rwanda cement partnership over development, trade

By Hereward Holland

KIGALI, Feb 25 (Reuters) - France made serious errors of judgment over the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and wants to ensure all those responsible for the slaughter are caught and punished, President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Thursday. Sarkozy was visiting his counterpart Paul Kagame in the central African country to cement improved diplomatic relations following years of acrimony, recriminations and diplomatic standoffs over events surrounding the genocide.

The French president stopped short of an official apology for his country's role during the killing of 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus in less than 100 days. "There was a serious error of judgment, a sort of blindness when we didn't foresee the genocidal dimensions of the government," he told reporters at a news conference with Kagame. "Errors of assessment and political mistakes were made here, and they led to absolutely tragic consequences," Sarkozy said.

The two countries broke off diplomatic ties in 2006 after a Paris judge accused Kagame and nine aides of shooting down former President Juvenal Habyarimana's plane in April 1994 -- the catalyst for the massacre. The central African country rejected the charges and accused the administration of former President Francois Mitterrand of having trained and armed the Hutu militias behind the killing.

The two countries restored diplomatic ties in November 2009. During the three-year diplomatic rift, Rwanda joined two Anglophone blocs, the Commonwealth and the East African Community. The former Belgian colony also changed its language of instruction in schools to English from French.


During his brief trip to Kigali, the first by a French head of state since the genocide, Sarkozy said Operation Turquoise, a French rescue mission under a U.N. mandate to provide safe zones, had been too little and too late. The killing started in April 1994, and the French arrived in June. Sarkozy laid a wreath at the Kigali genocide memorial, a mass grave for some 250,000 people.

Rwanda has called on Paris to pursue genocide fugitives living on French soil, including top suspect Agatha Habyarimana, widow of the former president. "We want those responsible for the genocide to be found and punished. There's no ambiguity about that, and that's what I told President Kagame," said Sarkozy, stressing that the French judiciary was independent. "Are there any in France? That's for the judiciary to say."

Analysts say the rapprochement is a sign of France's new pragmatic and broadly economic interest in Africa. Kagame accepted an invitation to a Franco-African summit in Nice in May. Kagame said the two countries have had a difficult past, but reaffirmed his commitment to the new partnership on issues such as development, investment, trade and culture. "It is important for the people of Rwanda and France to build a new relationship based on the understanding and proper management and treatment of the truth," Kagame said." - [end story] - Source: Thomson Reuters - Url.:

And then this arrives in the emailbox, showing the judging part of the criminal global cartel, always hanging the small ones and never catching themselves, the real perpetrators in the criminal cartel doing the global robbing and killing. Because the cartel day and night globally does to humanity what they put Lieutenant Colonel Ephrem Setako in jail for.

"Ephrem Setako Sentenced to 25 Years of Imprisonment"

"PRESS RELEASE (non official - for media information only) - ICTR/INFO-9-2-630.EN - Arusha, 25 February 2010 - The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda today sentenced Lieutenant Colonel Ephrem Setako, head of the division of legal affairs in the Ministry of Defence in 1994, to 25 years of imprisonment. He was found guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity (extermination) and serious violations of Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocol II (murder), but acquitted of complicity to commit genocide, murder as a crime against humanity and pillage as a war crime.

The Chamber found that Setako ordered the killings on 25 April 1994 of 30 to 40 Tutsis at Mukamira military camp in Ruhengeri prefecture and around 10 other Tutsis there on 11 May 1994. Setako was arrested on 25 February 2004 in The Netherlands and transferred to the United Nations Detention Facility on 17 November 2004. The trial opened on 25 August 2008 and closed on 26 June 2009, after 60 trial days. The Prosecution presented 21 witnesses and the Defence 34, including Setako. Closing arguments were heard on 5 and 6 November 2009.

The Prosecution team was led by Ms. Ifeoma Ojemeni Okali and included Mr. Simba Mawere and Ms. Christiana Fomenky. Setako was represented by Professor Lennox Hinds (United States), assisted by Mr. Cainnech Lussiaà-Berdou (Canada). The case was heard by Trial Chamber I, composed of Judges Erik Møse (Norway), presiding, Sergei Alekseevich Egorov (Russian Federation) and Florence Rita Arrey (Cameroon)." - [and end] - Url.:

This is quite informative too, concerning the genocide and robbing in Rwanda - Url.:

Von Curtis posted on Friday Oct. 31, 2008 the following comments about "How We Fuel Africa's Bloodiest War" - What is rarely mentioned is the great global heist of Congo's resources. - Url.:

Quotes concerning the article: "The UN named the international corporations it believed were involved: Anglo-America, Standard Chartered Bank, De Beers and more than 100 others. (They all deny the charges.) But instead of stopping these corporations, our governments demanded that the UN stop criticising them."

The representatives of the international and criminal Rothschild banking cartel in London; french foreign minister Bernard Kouchner and his synagogue buddy british foreign minister David Miliband, flew (tax paid) to the Congo, "to assess the situation."

Personally I've spend ten years in Africa too, living and working there as an independent foreign correspondent, and it's a fact that foreign banks and multinationals are - like the US, Dutch, Germans, Israeli, French, British a.s.o. - the worst to hit the Africans. And for centuries already. This link - thanks Mary -10.30.08 - 3:05 pm - will explain a lot. 'Gertler’s Bling Bang Torah Gang' - Url.:

In this latest case of chutzpah, Friday Oct. 31, 2008, both french and british 'Gauleiters' (and their compliant cowards in the PR staff) have been ordered by the multinationals - stealing the africans blind too, as always - to make some 'smoke curtain' in the global major media, showing ''how concerned they are''...

Believe me, the only thing they are concerned about is themselves and their manager's power and profit for the multinational and banking cartel, and thus for them. The trickle down effect, you know...?

CIA/Mossad 'president' Sarkozy in France, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, is - as usual when profit is to be made - pressing for deployment of a so called European Union force. The (tax paid) mercenaries, which always only defend the interests of the robbing multinationals, of course are called 'peace keepers' in all the propaganda media.


The story about Sarkozy and the CIA - for those who haven't seen it yet - is at Axis of Logic - Url.:

The same disgusting formula as everywhere else has been and is used: first you make the problem, than you wait for the reaction, the cry for help by starving people, and than you serve the solution - your profitable idea - whether the people want this or not.

Concerning Hutus, Tutsis and the ongoing genocides in Africa: again are the financiers of the big multinationals active. And to give just one example of how bad those criminals are, and how they slaughter millions of human beings for money:

"In April 1994 the French Embassy became the setting for the formation of the extremist Hutu Government that was to organise and carry out the meticulously planned genocide of the Tutsis. More genocide, of which I clearly remember the French paying for and supplying the brand new machetes. Still in the paper from the factory..." - The Times (UK) December 5, 2006 - Url.:

Hutus and Tutsis? Those who orchestrated the massacres laughed all the way to the bank. Jean Ziegler, the well known author and rapporteur at the UN on questions of food resources, published a book which was translated in 14 languages, with the Editions Fayard, and called "Empire of Shame." He was interviewed about the Rwanda massacre too.

Ziegler: "From April to June 1994, a dreadful genocide, organized by the Hutu government allied with France at the time of François Mitterrand, caused the death of more than 800,000 Tutsi men, women and children. The machetes that often were used for the genocide, were imported from China and Egypt, and were financed, essentially, by the french (BIS) bank Crédit Lyonnais.

This money mafia is all one big criminal financial network, an economy octopus. And Crédit Lyonnais is a French bank which also is part of the Hellhounds of Finance: "Who controls global monetary affairs? The Bank for International Settlements. Based in Basle, Switzerland, the BIS is central bank to central banks. The BIS has greater immunity than any sovereign nation, is accountable to no one, runs global monetary affairs (including yours probably) and is privately owned." - Url.:

Today the survivors, including farmers and all as poor as Job, must reward the bank thieves, like in the US and Europe, and through this shameless global heist refund to banks and creditor governments even the credits which were used for the purchase of the machetes used by the genocidal Hutus." - [end exerpt] - Url.:

One wonders why and how this group of financing vultures can be stopped. They really are the biggest plague ever to pester mankind, and not only in Africa. It's planned cruelty, and they've done it for ages! The worst picture depicting African reality, symbolizing everything the criminal multinational and financial cartel and their collaborators do, is this picture of the vulture waiting for a child to die. It's understandable that photographer Kevin Carter committed suicide some time after taking the picture. - Url.:

But, when they keep using all (tax paid by us) violence in the world against us, why should we only use words? Because a pen is sharper than a sword? That's a Matrix cliché too, isn't it?

François Grignon, Africa Director of the International Crisis Group, tells the truth: "What we are seeing now is beneficiaries of the illegal war economy fighting to maintain their right to exploit."

Meaning that the foreign profit makers just want to go on. The writer of this article, Johann Hari is still optimistic, but indeed right when she says that we must have a system that values the lives of people more than it values profit.

Normal people have more respect and decency in their Little finger, than this whole banking mafia ever will have." - [end] - Url.:

In The Times on December 5, 2006, Andrew Wallis wrote: "France, steeped in genocidal blood, must face trial."

The hastily arranged car boot sale outside the French Embassy in downtown Kigali last Monday did good business. On offer were laptop computers, televisions, three-piece suites and, well, even the cars themselves. Given the decision taken by the Rwandan Government ten days ago to expel the French Ambassador, his staff and to close all official French buildings in the tiny Central African country, there was clearly little expectation of a return.

Behind these scenes of gloomy embassy employees packing and selling their diplomatic and domestic baggage is a recent history between France and Rwanda steeped in a mire of blood and guilt. Indeed it is the second time in 12 years that the French have found the need for a sudden retreat from Rwanda.

In April 1994 the French Embassy became the setting for the formation of the extremist Hutu Government that was to organise and carry out the meticulously planned genocide of the Tutsis. Witnesses spoke of these ministers, many now facing life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, sitting in plush embassy chairs comparing notes on where the killing was going best.

Their host, the French Ambassador, later helped to evacuate those extremists to Paris, away from the apocalypse they had created. The ambassador then made a bonfire of two rooms piled high with documents linking his Government with that of the Hutu dictatorship of Juvénal Habyarimana.

Rwanda is made up mainly of two ethnic groups, the vast majority being Hutu, who, under Habyarimana’s “apartheid” State, took total control of the army, bureaucracy and government. The Tutsi, 15 per cent of the population, were banished from public life.

When François Mitterrand, then the French President, decided in 1990 to send in crack paratroopers to protect Habyarimana, his French-speaking friend and ally, it looked like just another attempt by Paris to keep a client leader in power. The danger came from across the border in Uganda. Anglophone Paul Kagame and his Rwandan Patriotic Front, made up mostly of Tutsis previously driven from their homeland by a series of earlier massacres, had invaded.

During the next three years Mitterrand had no compunction in sending in troops to save a brutal and corrupt regime. The Hutu army received millions of dollars of French weaponry; and the French elite training corps trained its Rwandan allies in how to dismember bodies, fire its new heavy artillery and use attack Gazelle helicopters.

Habyarimana was assassinated on April 6, 1994, when unknown assailants shot down his Falcon 50 jet, another present from the French taxpayer. The event ushered in possibly the hundred bloodiest days in history. Up to one million Tutsis were slaughtered.

As the body count grew, France welcomed ministers of the genocidal Government to an official reception in Paris. Meanwhile, its military continued to send arms to bolster its Hutu allies in power, regardless of the genocide they were perpetrating.

Since 1994 France has been adept at trying to hide this stain on la gloire. Its ministers, including the current Prime Minister, constantly repeat the “double genocide” myth, which alleged that while Hutu killed Tutsi, the Tutsi also killed Hutu. It is akin to claiming that Holocaust victims were also mass murderers.

So the latest French government attempt to cover its Rwandan shame is no surprise to observers of La Françafrique. The timing behind the sudden release of Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière’s report, which blames Kagame for Habyarimana’s death, is no coincidence. Four senior French military and political figures will shortly give testimony before the international war crimes tribunal in Arusha. They have been called by the defence team of Colonel Théoneste Bagosora, who faces charges of being the mastermind behind the genocide.

It is deeply embarrassing, like being called to defend Nazis at Nuremberg. Shortly, too, Kagame’s government of reconciliation, which drove the genocidaire out in 1994, will announce the findings of its own inquiry into the French involvement in the genocide. It promises to uncover even more explicit details of Mitterrand’s crime.

President Kagame arrived in London on Sunday for a five-day visit to the UK. His 12-year-old Government has revived a country torn apart by genocide, corruption and poverty. He has emphasised there is no “Hutu” or “Tutsi” in his country now, only Rwandans. But while he has created a stable economy and new sense of pride, it is vital that the world, which looked the other way in 1994, now demands answers from France about its direct complicity in the genocide.

There seems to be an unwritten rule among Western leaders not to question each other’s foreign policies too closely. But genocide cannot be allowed to be so cynically forgotten. Tony Blair has a duty to ask some deeply troubling questions about how and why the Élysée supported a genocidal government before, during and after one of the most appalling episodes of killing the world has ever seen.

He may put at risk having some of his own skeletons unearthed. But the dead and the traumatised survivors in Rwanda deserve such belated recognition — and respect." - [end story] - Andrew Wallis is the author of Silent Accomplice: The Untold Story of France’s Role in the Rwandan Genocide - France, steeped in genocidal blood, must face trial - Times (UK) - Url.:

And all wars are financed by this group, playing it both sides so the profit is always there:


And I totally agree concerning one of the best articles I've seen lately: Ex-UN envoy Ziegler: "An absurd, murderous world order." - Ur.:

Rwandan Genocide - YouTube video 9.11 - Url.:

Conspiracy to Murder: The Rwanda Genocide and the International Community - Book by Linda Melvern - Url.:

Google search: Web Results for Ruyssenaars +Rwanda - Url.:



February 27th 2010 - The conglomerate of 'secret services' and 'special forces' of the CIA, NSA, FBI, MI5 and 6, the israeli Mossad, the french, german or whatever 'service': they all work together as this story proves again. FBI/CIA delivered via the U.S. Metabank, which is headquartered in Iowa, the credit cards used by the Mossad killers in the Dubai hit.

One has to understand that the creatures in this conglomerate - illegally together with NATO, for the genocidal invasions and occupations - are the also armed errand boys, the 'hit men' of the corporation.

This criminal cartel kills millions of human beings - based on lies and false propaganda - for their own power and profit. In the war propaganda media which the war profiteers own for 96% now, one of course will not find it described.* But on Internet there's a treasure of information concerning their anti-human behavior.

This is one of them:


'The Jackals' and 'hit men', were years ago already perfectly described in "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins, a former respected member of the international banking community. He's one of the people who decided that 'he can't take it anymore':

"How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions."

In his book Perkins describes how he as a highly paid professional 'helped' the U.S. cheat poor countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars by lending them more money than they could possibly repay and then take over their economies. Like they always have done and still manage to do.

Perkins: "When the economic 'hit men' fail in this scenario, the next step is what we call the jackals. Jackals are C.I.A.-sanctioned people that come in and try to foment a coup or revolution. If that doesn't work, they perform assassinations. or try to.

In the case of Iraq, they weren't able to get through to Saddam Hussein. His bodyguards were too good. He had doubles. They couldn't get through to him. So the third line of defense, if the economic hit men and the jackals fail, the next line of defense is our young men and women, who are sent in to die and kill, which is what we've obviously done in Iraq."

This'll be very important for many to see and hear. Please take one hour out of your life, and get still better informed about the big lines - and huge lies - why things happen and why your life looks the way it does.

Why are we forced to live this way, and why should there be more real cash in our wallet? - Pls. see the Perkins video and transcript: they really are worth every minute of your time. - Url.:

As I said: these more or less secret services, the 'hit men' and other 'special' forces have always been working together. And in this case it's quite clear again that the FBI/CIA 'fixed' the credit cards for the Mossad's Dubai killers.

U.S. caught up in Dubai assassination

Via Big News - Saturday 27th February, 2010 - The United States may be drawn into the investigation of the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud Mabhouh.

Already Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, and Australia have joined the Dubai Police investigation of the hit, which took place last month at a Dubai hotel.

Twenty six suspects have now been named, almost all of whom travelled to Dubai on British, French, Irish, German or Australian passports. Almost all these were falsified to incorporate identities stolen from citizens, many of whom live in Israel.

Dubai Police has also established thirteen credit cards used by the suspects were issued by a U.S. bank which has a network of branches across three states (Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa).

Metabank, which is headquartered in Iowa, has not made any comment on the matter.

The FBI has also refused to comment on whether it has joined the investigation, or is independently investigating what is a major-scale credit card fraud involving the same stolen identities used for the falsified passports.

The FBI has a close association with Dubai Police. On its Web site it says, "The Dubai Police and other colleagues have helped us run down countless counterterrorism leads, trace terrorist money flows, and extradite criminals despite the absence of formal treaties between our two nations. Through it all, U.A.E. has been a vital partner in the worldwide fight against crime and terror."

The Iowa-based bank issued Mastercard credit cards to suspects Eric Rassineaux, David Bernard Lapierre, Mark Sklar, Stephen Drake, Adam Korman, Graham Jonathan Louis, Paul John Keeley, James Leonard Clarke, Stephen Daniel Hodes, Daniel Marc Schnur, Philip Carr, Roy Cannon, Joshua Daniel Bruce, Gail Folliard, and Anna Shauna Clasby.

Applications for the card would have had to be made by a party or parties in the United States who held an account or accounts at the bank." - [and end] - Story at Url.:

Well, especially the last sentence says it all, doesn't it? Of course they cooperate!

But, as I wrote earlier:


"Netanyahu lauded Israeli agents who do Israel's 'secret work." - New York Times, Oct. 7, 1997.

It's quite an enigma, isn't it? But of course one should ask: why do all the major media in the world - which the war profiteers own for 96%* - broadcast all the time the Dubai CCTV-camera pictures, showing the Mossad suspects in the Dubai killing of the Hamas political party's military commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was murdered in his hotel room on Jan 20?

Do they think they're above the law? Like their Masters?

Some kind of show of - misplaced - confidence?" - The rest of the text is here at Url.:

Anyhow, there are more hypocrites on the horizon:

"Australia joins ranks of the outraged at Israel"

Big News - Saturday 27th February, 2010 - Australia is the latest country to join the international condemnation of Israel’s possible abuse of foreign passports in the assassination of a Hamas commander in Dubai.

Australia summoned the Israeli ambassador and delivered a clear and austere warning on diplomatic relations after evidence increasingly began to point to the involvement of Mossad in the affair, which has had a high-profile and increasingly embarrassing international fallout for Israel.

“Australia will not be silent on the matter,” said Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, after Dubai Police named two men and one women holding allegedly fake Australian passports, among the 15 new suspects added to the investigation.

“If Australian passports are being used or forged by any state, let alone for the purpose of assassination, this is of the deepest concern and we are getting to the bottom of this now,” Rudd said to the ABC, the public broadcaster of Australia. “We will not leave a single stone unturned.”

Dubai Police have said they strongly suspect the involvement of Mossad, the secretive spy wing of the Israeli military, in the assassination of Mabhuh at a luxury hotel in Dubai on January 20th.

It is alleged that Israel also illegally used fake passports of several other countries including the UK, France, Canada and Ireland.

"The new list of suspects includes people who offered prior logistical support and preparations to facilitate the crime, and others who played a central role," the Dubai Police said in a statement.

Australia’s Foreign Minister has said he expects Israel to cooperate fully in the now-international investigation into the Cold War-style assassination.

Dubai Police have also announced that they now have DNA proof of who at least one of the killers were." - [and end] - Url.:

It's easy to connect the conglomerate's dots, isn't it? And see the global corporation of the criminal cartel doing this to mankind.

As one of many who warned humanity for this cartel, the former British Prime Minister of England during the late 1800s, Benjamin D'Israeli, wrote in his book 'Coningsby':

"So you see... the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

D'Israeli knew, like many: it's all smoke and mirrors which one has to see through if one wants to stay alive and fight them.

But the CIA/Mossad show must go on, they think. Including all the CCTV-videos they're showing again.

Keep connecting the abundant dots, and follow the money.

That's where the criminals are!



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* DEFINITION OF SEMITES from the Collins English Dictionary - [] - "Semitic: a member of the group of Caucasoid people who speak a Semitic language, including the Jews and Arabs as well as the Ancient Babylonians (Iraqis), the Assyrians (Syria), and the Phoenicians (the Lebanese of today). Semitic: a branch or sub-family of languages that includes Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew.² - Palestinians and Lebanese for instance are semites. The JDL cliché: "anti semitism' has always been a fake accusation, abused to kill debates too in the past. Not anymore. What the US/Israeli war machine is doing is anti semitism on a global scale.

* RACE HOLOCAUST? - THIS IS A STATEMENT OVERTLY SUPPORTING GENOCIDE - Who said this? Hitler? Goebbels? Attila The Hun? Mussolini? Ivan The Terrible? - "...advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool." - This is not politics as usual. - Url.:

* DEFENDING ISRAELI GENOCIDES: ''During time of war, enemy has no innocents'' - the Israeli 'Yesha Rabbinical Council' announced in response to an IDF war crime in Kfar Qanna that killed 54 Lebanese civilians, including 37 children. - [] - "According to Jewish law, during a time of battle and war, there is no such term as 'innocents' of the enemy. - All of the discussions on Christian morality are weakening the spirit of the army and the nation and are costing us in the blood of our soldiers and civilians." the statement said. (Efrat Weiss) - Url.:,7340,L-3283720,00.html

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* PREPARING THE GENOCIDE FOR 'ERETZ ISRAEL' - 'A Clean Break: Strategy for Securing the Realm' - The new Israeli ''Pentagon Papers'' - Url.:

* US/ISRAELI GENOCIDE NEWS: ''MORE TIME TO BOMB'' - ESSENTIAL 6 MINUTE VIDEO - We defy anyone to watch this 6 minute video, entitled MORE TIME TO BOMB, and not be enraged at the scale of Israel's atrocities in Lebanon and Gaza which 'they' are holocausting. - 6 minute video - Url.:

* The Dutch author this far has worked abroad for more than 4 decades for international media as an independent foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East. Having practical experience of coups and the obscenity of war: seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism!

* FPF-COPYRIGHT NOTICE - In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107 - any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press Foundation under fair use, without profit or payment, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information. Url.:

Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands


Thursday, February 25, 2010


"Daily Mail (UK) 20th February 2010 - Fuel poverty: 5.4 million pensioners can't afford to heat their homes. The UK's largest supplier, with 15.7million customers, has made profits of more than £550million in the past year."

Henk Ruyssenaars

February 25th 2010 - In the UK there's growing anger at the enormous profits made by the energy companies, like British Gas, over the cold death of forty to fifty thousands of elderly people this winter again. They can not keep their homes warm and freeze to death, while the directors and shareholders of the energy multinationals celebrate the inhuman profit surge.

These criminals, which all are guilty by association to this country-wide murder, apparently are not bothered by the fact that there's another surge:

Every HOUR in the UK, tens of people will die of cold and/or starvation, because they can't both eat, and heat their homes. So they freeze to death. EVERY HOUR!

If one reads the following: "Fuel poverty: 5.4 million pensioners can't afford to heat their homes." one thinks of countries in the developing world, which for ages have been robbed blind by those multinational vultures. But, no, it's also in England they kill lots of people for their own power and profit. This massacre goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has been done so for ages.

The humanoids being members of the criminal cartel never care about people. Never!

They only care about power and profit! Have a look at the cartel's usury empire. - Url.:

I wrote about this UK scandal earlier and the overwhelming profits and inhumanity of the cartel's energy companies. That was last January. "Ages ago it was exactly the shameless same in the UK: there was no change whatsoever concerning the buying power of the money which also lowered by stealthy inflation-theft, and the pension amount the elderly people in reality in the UK got was getting less and less.

And, as a nefarious but expected result, many more elderly people died needlessly of the fact - as an English paper also wrote - that pensioners can not even afford heating. And that's why they die by the ten thousands.

In an alarming report, Sophie Ridge of the News of the World, last 27 December 2009, again wrote about this massacre by the so called UK-government: "A STAGGERING 43,200 Brits will DIE from the cold this winter - because of soaring gas and electricity costs, new figures reveal.

The grim figure, equal to FIFTEEN deaths every HOUR, has DOUBLED in the last seven years. Energy bills have doubled too.

Most deaths are among the elderly - many of whom have to choose between heating and eating, according to the National Pensioners Convention. General secretary Dot Gibson said: "It is a national scandal and getting worse. Over a million more older people are expected to be dragged into financial hardship in the next year."

The winter death rate is the increased number of mortalities between December and March compared with warmer months.

In 2002/3, there were 23,450 winter deaths - and the average annual dual-fuel energy bill was £543 per household. In 2009 it was £1,239.

Three million pensioners are in fuel poverty [see other higher figure below - HR] - which is defined as having to spend more than 10 per cent of your income on fuel bills. Ms Gibson said: "Energy companies are making profits at the expense of vulnerable pensioners."

OAPS can get advice on heating their homes by calling the Age Concern charity on 0800 009966." - [and end] - Url.:

The full story is at Url.:


And here's the other headline in for instance the Daily Mail, which the elderly in their card board boxes can take to their grave:

"British Gas profits surge 50% as cash-strapped elderly freeze."

By Sean Poulter

Daily Mail (UK) 20th February 2010 - Fuel poverty: 5.4 million pensioners can't afford to heat their homes.

British Gas faces a backlash as it prepares to announce a 50 per cent surge in profits on the back of a winter of crippling energy bills.

The UK's largest supplier, with 15.7million customers, has made profits of more than £550million in the past year.

Thousands of elderly, meanwhile, have been unable to afford to keep warm during the coldest winter in 30 years. - [They died - HR]

But critics say British Gas - together with the other members of the 'Big Six' club of energy firms - should have done more to cut bills before the winter.

Wholesale energy prices have fallen by 60 per cent from their peak in the middle of 2008.

However, customer bills have come down by less than 10 per cent.

There were 36,700 more deaths among the elderly last winter than in warmer months, according to the Office of National Statistics. This was up 12,000 on the previous year.

At the same time, there are millions of pensioners among the 5.4million who are in fuel poverty.

This is the group who spend more than 10 per cent of their disposable income on heat and light.

The Age Concern and Help the Aged charity condemned the rise in winter deaths, which it links to 'cash-strapped older people turning down the heating'.

Higher bills: The cold weather is forcing households to turn up their heating

Cold snap: The UK is bracing itself for more snow over the weekend

While the profits of British Gas - which declares its profits on Thursday - and UK-based provider Scottish & Southern Energy are transparent, the same is not true of the other major firms." - [ ]

HR: "British Gas Reports Massive Rise In Profits" - UK, Thursday February 25, 2010 - Hazel Tyldesley, Sky News Online: "British Gas operating profits leapt 58% last year to to £595m - up from £379m in 2008, its parent company Centrica has announced.

New customers and operational changes boosted British Gas profits, Centrica said

The result will further fuel anger over energy bills, following accusations that utility firms were not quick enough to pass on falls in wholesale gas prices last year." - [end quote] - The rest of the text is here at Url.:

Further quote Daily Mail (UK): "Companies such as nPower and Eon hide rising profits within the accounts of their German parent companies. The same is true of EDF, which is French, and Scottish Power, which is Spanish-owned.

Official customer body Consumer Focus and the Conservatives have called for an inquiry into the industry and the failure to pass on wholesale price reductions.

Price comparison website spokesman Ann Robinson said: 'Consumers can still expect their household energy bills to be around £270 higher than just a couple of years ago.'

The household average bill is usually around £1,200 a year, but could be around £100 higher this year because of the weather.

Christine McGourty, director of Energy UK, which represents the major suppliers, rejected claims of profiteering. She said much of the gas being used this winter was bought two years ago, when wholesale prices were higher.

It comes as Britain was warned to brace itself for a big chill over the weekend – forcing homeowners to turn up their heating.

Freezing conditions are set to continue over the weekend with some areas dropping to overnight lows of -6c (21f).

Forecasters are also predicting further snow on Saturday and Sunday as the UK faces its coldest February for 24 years." - [and end] - Story Url.:



* Daily Mail (UK) Britain on course for coldest February for 24 years... as snow causes rush hour chaos yet again - Read more at Url.:

* Google search to make up your own mind: Web results 1 - 10 of about 154,000 for "British Gas" +profit. - Url.:

* The prices and monetary flow are decided in London, in Rotschild's 'The City' - "An excerpt from the book by E.C. Knuth - "The City" is an international financial oligarchy and is perhaps the most arbitrary and absolute form of government in the world." - Url.:

* Also Des Griffin wrote about The City: "The Evil Empire Revisited" - Url.:

* More related links, which give everybody an insight in what kind of 'web of debt' and usury human beings are forced to live in:

* GLOBAL HYPERINFLATION - It could happen - Video + text - Url.:

* Book Review: Inflation is Theft - Horwitz is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics - Url.:

* Google search-Feb 16 - 2010 - Web Results 1 – 10 of about 3,740 for "Bank of England" +inflation - Url.:

* "That is, to understand inflation, every time and in every country or region, look for a rapid, excessive supply of money by the country's Central Bank and you'll find your answer."

* Milton Friedman Supply of Money Inflation - [Friedman passed away on the 16th November 2006] - Url.:

* "May 13, 2009 - Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) - "And they frankly own the place." - [end quote] - Source: 2009 Newsmax - Url.:

* Once and for all, concerning Rothschild's BIS bank: "Article Sunday, June 28, 1998; Page H01 - The Washington Post Company. - "Key Players Control World Money Supply" - Url.:

* US: The humanoids want a totalitarian State = A very good story: Ellen Brown about the BIS - Url.:

* Christopher Booker: "No One in the EU Can Keep Books as Badly as the EU!" - More at Url.:

* Rothschild's BIS bank's usury controls the world's money supply - Killing for their own Power and Profit - Url.:

* And the BIS, as the excellent [late] researcher and publisher Eustace Mullins wrote - and some maybe don't know yet - really is killing all the time and reaping the profits: Google 'selection' - To make up your own mind. - Url.:

And mind you: this criminal cartel has done so for ages. Taken humanity for a very - for the usurers - profitable ride. They'll make and break every country and person they want. Millions of dead people, and not only of the cold and starvation.

Humanity's dying and suffering, human being's blood, sweat and tears, make their criminal lavish lifestyle possible. The banksters will steal more billions via inflation too, and they think they have the power to do so. Apparently those psychopaths never get enough. Never!

They who hold the gold hold the power, it's said. Well, the Rothschild's decide the gold price - always to their financial and/or strategic advantage - since more than a century. Whatever the mainstream propaganda media say.

Have a look at what's called 'Rothschild's London Gold price fixing.' - Url.:

Human beings better get out of this usury matrix, because the criminal cartel is killing humanity.

Slowly but surely they want to kill nearly everybody.

Trying to prove that they are the chosen...

Conclusion? It's either them or us.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The below mentioned army-firm G-Con: is that short for General-Con? The trick to defraud as much as G-Con can for personal gain of the rulers?

Febr. 24th 2010 - Most people, especially those who have Internet, know by now that the compliant World Health Organization's global vaccines-hoax is profitable only to the big pharmaceutical corporations. The Big Pharma creatures don't care for 1 nanosecond whether one million or 10 million people die, as long as their profit is made. People never count. Never!

Actually, the late author and very fine researcher Eustace Mullins wrote a book about this: "Murder By Injection - The Story Of The Medical Conspiracy Against America." And if one has read it, one understands and can connect the dots. See how rotten to the core this whole usury-system is, with 20.000 people dying a day. Every day.

Millions upon millions have been killed by this inhuman system already, and will be killed in the future. And now - to give another example, and because it really is long-term planning - the minions in the countries where the cartel rules buy 'vaccines' and poison the rest of humanity? It's genocidal! - Url.:

A very bad example of criminal thinking can be taken from The Netherlands for instance, where the so called 'minister of health' - the treacherous Ab Klink - did as his managers told him, and against better knowledge - but very profitable for the cartel's Big Pharma - ordered thirty-four million doses of the untested and dangerous vaccines. For a population of 16 plus million people ... which via extorted taxes are forced to pay themselves for their misery.

Two doses each, Klink had been told to buy. But half of the Dutch people didn't want to have anything to do with the minister's sickening and advices, killing in the long term. They had to pay anyhow to Klink and his buddies via taxes, but the mainstream media - like in other countries - never explained it. They won't either explain that criminal Klink now is trying to sell the superfluous 'vaccines' to former East block countries, even when he and his masters know that they'll lead to death and destruction. They really don't care.

They know all that those so called vaccines are untested, dangerous and also 'loss leaders' insuring the fat profits of Big Pharma for decades to come. As long as the patients are alive.

Quote: "Positioned as a loss leader, vaccines appear to be the economic drivers of both the medical and the pharmaceutical industry. A loss leader is a business technique in which a less-expensive product is sold or given away for the sake of offering another product at a greater profit. This common practice is utilized to introduce new customers to a product, to build a new customer base and/or to secure future recurring revenue.

Using a loss leader is more than just a nifty business trick - it can be a very successful economic strategy when executed properly. The classic example of a loss leader is the sale of razor blades. Companies like Gillette essentially give their razor units away for free, knowing that customers will buy their replacement blades, where the company makes all of its profit, for as long as they use the razor.

Vaccines play a similar role for the drug companies. The cost of a vaccine is relatively inexpensive compared to the billions of dollars spent on medical interventions, medications - and even more vaccines - dispensed as a result of a vaccination side effect.

Vaccination is promoted by an industry that capitalizes on fear and the perceived necessity of the procedure has become multi-generationally entrenched. We have been programmed by the medical community and the media to believe that everyone - children and adults - will become sick, and likely die, unless they are vaccinated.

Vaccines are the bedrock of expanded illnesses, skyrocketing medical costs and exponential drug sales. But it is more than individual vaccines that are cause for concern." - [end quote] The rest is here: "Vaccines as 'loss leaders' + Legal immunity for manufacturer" - Url.:;article=3036

No doubt about it: Ab Klink and his collaborators are mass-murdering criminals.

And the dutch taxpayers are again paying all the bills. They may not want to, but they have no choice...

The average tax in Holland is now the highest in the world, with the rulers in Sweden coming second now, but it also means that in Holland the people paying 52% (CBS figures) of their income in taxes, that they are working more than half the year - more than six months - for those living of the taxes, so 'they' can keep their lavish life-style. It's all planned and concocted by the real power brokers. The economic rulers of continents.

By the way: Klink had another very fraudulent scheme for his masters: privatize all big hospitals and further health care was the plan, to make more profit for Big Pharma. This far [ because of upcoming elections in June] it didn't succeed yet, but the published plan was only a test balloon. As mostly is the case.

They're going to do it anyhow, like they stole the rest of the health care, pensionfunds a.s.o. The same deterioration on all social levels, all according to the profitable plans of the corporations of the cartel that rules and thereby abuses countries like The Netherlands and the rest of the world.

But the truth can be told by not corrupted people, and the Polish Health Minister, Mrs & MD Ewa Kopacz, was very honest about it. Being a medical doctor herself - she told the Poles NOT to take a vaccination. Dr. Kopacz nor the Poles where buying the WHO and Big Pharma hoax.

She gave a speech about the dangers of the vaccines in the Polish Parliament on those serious issues, and fully denied the US-made H1N1 swine flu vaccines 'safety'. - 5th Nov 2009. - YouTube - Url.:

The above is only the tip of the criminal cartel's iceberg to make money over the dead and suffering people the cartel has been stealing from already for ages. Read - if you don't know it yet - this Google search: Web results for Ruyssenaars +vaccines - Url.:

Now the WHO hoax spreads to the US army, the cartel's armed errand boys and cannon fodder, because there must be a huge profit in the US-made so called 'Swine Flu Epidemic' - as propaganda master Rupert Murdoch in his 'Wall Street Journal' publishes: "Spurs Military to Join the Hunt for Plant-Based Alternatives: Teasing Vaccines From Tobacco. - By Gautam Naik.

Wall Street Journal - February 24, 2010 - The U.S. Department of Defense, caught off guard by the swift spread of the H1N1 flu virus last year and delays in producing a vaccine, is backing an unusual plan to use tobacco plants to make the vaccine.

Flu vaccines are typically grown in chicken eggs. Although the technique is slow and expensive, vaccine makers have done little to improve on this reliable method for more than 60 years. The urgent need for a better way became apparent last year. "The response to H1N1 was a disaster," said Brett Giroir, vice chancellor for research at Texas A&M University System, part of a consortium testing plant-based vaccines for H1N1, or swine flu.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—which conducts research to protect soldiers from infectious diseases, and also is concerned about the U.S. capability to react swiftly to a bioterrorist attack, among other things—has awarded the consortium $40 million to make an initial 10 million doses of H1N1 vaccine.

Texas A&M and closely held firm G-Con will together invest a further $21 million. Details of the project, known as GreenVax, will be announced Wednesday. - [24 February 2010 - HR]

For several years, vaccine companies have worked on harvesting vaccines in everything from caterpillar cells to cocker-spaniel kidney cells. Plants have certain advantages over animal parts, which may contain pathogens harmful to humans. The tobacco plant is particularly promising: It has been extensively researched, is cheap to grow and can yield large amounts of vaccine quickly—potentially reducing production time to weeks instead of several months.

Earlier this month, Arizona State University researchers showed a plant-based drug could prevent and treat West Nile virus infection in mice. In January, Germany's Bayer AG said it was testing a plant-based vaccine for non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

In December, Medicago Inc. of Quebec City reported positive results for a tobacco-based vaccine for avian flu, or H5N1, which has killed more than 250 people world-wide. Biotechnology firm VAXX Inc. of Tucson, Ariz., says it soon plans to start a human trial of a tobacco-based vaccine for Norwalk norovirus—or "cruise ship virus"—which causes gastroenteritis in as many as 74 million Americans annually.

GreenVax is one of the more ambitious of the plant-based vaccine projects. It is partly based on research done at Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology, in a partnership with the biotech firm iBio Inc., both based in Newark, Del.

As a first step, researchers at Fraunhofer isolated a protein from the H1N1 virus known to trigger a protective immune response in a patient without causing an infection. A gene for this protein was then introduced into a bacterium. Tobacco plants were placed in a special chamber and dipped into a soup of the bacteria, which caused the plants to get infected with the gene-carrying bacteria.

The infected plants then began to produce the protein from H1N1 in large quantities. The plants grew for about a week. Their leaves were then chopped up and crushed, and the protein from H1N1—the essence of the vaccine—was extracted from the slurry and purified.

Initial tests on ferrets, which can catch human flu, showed the vaccine was safe and effective. "The good news is that this vast amount of human protein isn't toxic to the plant," so it can keep producing large amounts of the vaccine's raw material, said Barry Holtz, president of G-Con. And the plants don't become "transgenic"—their seeds, for example, aren't changed, so they can't spread genetic alterations to normal plants.

The GreenVax project still has a long way to go. It needs to show that it can produce sufficient quantities of purified vaccine-ready protein quickly and safely. And such a vaccine would have to be tested in humans and get the approval of the Food and Drug Administration before it can be provided more widely. The consortium plans to build a 145,000-square-foot vaccine production facility in Bryan, Texas, managed by G-Con. One innovation being developed: Mobile manufacturing "pods" that can be deployed swiftly in areas where the vaccine is urgently needed.

GreenVax hopes to produce the initial 10 million doses of H1N1 vaccine within 12 months. Large-scale human clinical trials are expected to begin in 2011, and could take up to 18 months to complete. The setup could be used to produce other vaccines as well. "The science hasn't yet been unleashed to get past chicken eggs for making vaccines," says Dr. Giroir. "But now that the system is stressed, there's a reason to get past it."

[end item] - 'Wall Street Journal' - Url.:


And when in doubt: do as has been advocated many times. Just follow the money and you'll find the criminals!

Those who prefer their own wealth to humanity's health!

The worst thing of course is that the global cartel's humanoids - without any human feeling or compassion - have already done this for ages. They never seem to get enough... - Url.:

And it's quite clear to many on earth, that it's either them, those who kill for power and profit, or humanity.

If humanity is going to survive: let's get those criminals first!

Henk Ruyssenaars

Also the Wall Street Journal is owned by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch - Url.:

Google search: Web results for Ruyssenaars +"Rupert Murdoch" - Url.:


Saturday, February 20, 2010


‘Balkenende moet voor het Internationaal Strafhof’ - Vrij Nederland interview met advocaat Gerard Spong.*

Zaterdag 20 Februari 2010 - In de nacht van vrijdag 19 op zaterdag 20 februari 2010 struikelde na lange tijd eindelijk het kabinet Balkenende IV. Oorzaak? Politiek, en het door de managers bevolen langere verblijf in Uruzgan, Afghanistan van nederlandse gewapende loopjongens, ook wel troepen genaamd. Die dus met belastinggeld-miljarden nog onvrijwillig worden betaald ook.

Al in maart 2003, toen door de oorlogsprofiteurs en -menners de mandaatloze gewapende roofoverval op Irak werd gepleegd, was ieder zinnig denkend mens tégen! En dat is 85% blijkbaar in Nederland, hetgeen toen o.a. bewezen werd door NCRV's - Url.:

Maar, en de horige propaganda-media publiceren er natuurlijk niets over: er lopen al aanklachten tegen deze oorlogsmisdadigers, de politiek, de verantwoordelijke militairen, de criminele NAVO secretaris generaal de Hoop Scheffer, etc. en hun propagandisten in de massa media - Url.:

Indertijd was trouwens Kofi Annan Secretaris Generaal van de Verenigde Naties, en zelfs deze zei voor de zoveelste keer, in een interview met de BBC in 2004, dat deze gewapende invasies "illegaal" - dus onwettig zijn en waren - en 'n grove schending van het Handvest van de VN. - BBC - Url.:

De bazen van de schuldige en schijnheilige Balkenende en de misdadige rest wisten dat ook, en het is dus goed oppassen, want voor de managers die Nederland runnen is het gewoon stuivertje wisselen. Hoe men het ook wendt of keert: de misdadige 'eigen leiding' van Nederland, de globale criminelen van 't kartel die achter de (rook)gordijnen aan de touwtjes trekken, zijn altijd dezelfde. Daar heeft ''de politiek'' absoluut niets mee van doen. Balkenende, de tien jaar lang door SHELL opgeleidde landsverrader Wouter Bos, of een andere collaborateur: 't maakt eigenlijk niets uit. Het woekersysteem gaat door.*

Overigens: wat een demissionair kabinet Balkenende en z'n baasjes wederrechtelijk en onbeschoft toch denken te kunnen doen, via de zich prostituerende propaganda-media, bleek ook al in 2003: "Nederland was massaal tegen de Irak-oorlog"

Op 18 maart 2003 besloot het demissionaire kabinet-Balkenende I steun te verlenen aan de oorlog tegen Irak. Het was een ingrijpend en felomstreden besluit, al helemaal voor een demissionair kabinet. De oorlog miste een overtuigende inhoudelijke en juridische grondslag en bracht onoverzichtelijke risico’s met zich mee.

Van de Nederlanders was 89 procent er daarom tegen. Toch werd Irak met Nederlandse steun aangevallen." - [einde citaat] - Url.:

En eerder schreef ik dit over de huidige situatie, waarbij de links interessant zijn: AFGHANISTAN DEBAT: WAT NIET WERD GEZEGD - Url.:

Kabinetsleden zijn net zoals Balkenende ook afgetreden, en moeten dus zo snel als dit mogelijk is strafrechtelijk worden vervolgd. Net zoals politici in het algemeen en verdere collaborateurs, die zijn ook volgens juridische begrippen strafrechtelijk als oorlogsmisdadigers etc, aan te pakken door eerlijke juristen. Er moet een precedent worden geschapen.

Oorlogsmisdadiger Balkenende naar de gevangenis!

Citaat: "Ook [advocaat] Knoops zegt het. Minister-president Jan Pieter Balkenende naar de gevangenis. Juridisch is het niet onmogelijk. De wet biedt voldoende aanknopingspunten. De feiten en omstandigheden vragen er ook om. De oorlog in Irak is onbevoegd gepleegd. De Commissie Davids bewijst dit. Die oorlog waarbij munitie van verarmd uranium (kernafval) gebruikt is heeft een life time genocide veroorzaakt. De dood van één miljoen driehonderdzesenzestigduizend driehondervijftig is reeds aannemelijk gemaakt.

De gebruikte wapens voorspellen de dood van meer. De procedures om Balkenende alle middelen rechtens achter de bouten te krijgen voor zijn walgelijkheden zijn gestart. Er is voor Balkenende geen houden meer aan. Hij zal vervolgd worden, door de nationale rechter, zoals Wilders nu ook vervolgd wordt. Minister-presidenten die genocide plegen of onbevoegde oorlogen faciliteren bezitten geen immuniteiten." - Tekst en video - Url.:

Uiteindelijk is het allemaal weer een spel voor de galerijen, waarbij de propaganda media met hun stortvloed aan misleidende en verwarrende teksten dit proberen te verhullen. De huidige nederlandse rechtspraak maakt zijn naam niet waar: het Openbaar ministerie is zo corrupt als de pest en heeft zelfs 'n afkooplijstje. Topcriminelen hoeven niet te zitten: die betalen en lopen weer als vrij man rond.

Natuurlijk is de gewapende invasie - zonder enig mandaat, zoals ook het Irak rapport van de commissie Davids voor de honderdste keer bevestigde - van Irak en Afghanistan onwettig, en is iedereen die dit steunde en steunt een oorlogsmisdadiger die gestraft zal worden wegens de misdaden tegen de mensheid.

Alleen al in Irak waren dat anderhalf miljoen doden volgens Unicef voor 19 maart 2003, door de sancties van het oorlogscartel, de VS/GB/Israel en NAVO landen. En erna, volgens de cijfers van Unicef, nog eens minstens 1,3 miljoen doden door het gewapende geweld van de NAVO huurlingen voor hun managers. Balkenende c.s. is hieraan medeschuldig. - "Ook de Nederlandse media heulen met de beulen." - April 26, 2006 - Url.:

Vraag aan mr. Spong: "Is de integriteit bij de macht tanende?

'Als ik in mijn vak constateer dat ondanks herhaalde toezeggingen en ondanks het bestaan van wettelijke voorschriften, het afluisteren van gesprekken tussen advocaten en hun cliënten op grote schaal doorgaat, dan vind ik dat er sprake is van een toenemend niet integere wijze van opsporing. Al die officieren die zich daar aan schuldig maken, moeten de laan worden uitgestuurd.

En als ik zie dat ons land steun heeft verleend aan een illegale oorlog, een oorlog die met list en bedrog tot stand is gekomen, wat de verantwoordelijken hadden kunnen weten, vind ik dat onze regering op niet integere wijze de macht uitoefent. In juridische termen heeft Balkenende "voorwaardelijk opzet" op een illegale oorlog.

Dat is wanneer iemand bewust de aanmerkelijke kans op de koop toe neemt dat een bepaalde handeling strafbaar is. Als je steun aan een oorlog verleent in de wetenschap dat er juristen op je ministerie zijn die zeggen dat er geen voldoende volkenrechtelijk mandaat is en wetende dat je veiligheidsdiensten alleen maar de Amerikaanse en Britse nakakelen, neem je bewust de kans dat het fout zit.'

Eenmaal afgetreden is Balkenende dus strafrechtelijk vervolgbaar.

'Als je materiële steun verleent aan een illegale oorlog, ben je een oorlogsmisdadiger. Je zou kunnen zeggen dat politieke steunverlening vertaald in strafrechtelijke termen in de buurt komt van medeplichtigheid.'

Een mooie zaak voor u in de toekomst.

'Als politieke steunverlening inderdaad een vorm van strafrechterlijke medeplichtigheid oplevert, kunnen Balkenende en De Hoop Scheffer als medeplichtige aan een oorlogsmisdaad worden aangeduid. Ik moet u eerlijk zeggen dat dit het eerste was waaraan ik dacht, toen ik hoorde welke conclusies Davids trok over het gebrek aan volkenrechtelijk mandaat.'

Hij hecht eraan dit nog even in juridische taal toe te lichten. 'Politieke steun verlenen kan worden opgevat als een vorm van behulpzaam zijn bij het verkrijgen van internationaal draagvlak voor die oorlog. Daarnaast is het denkbaar dat het bieden van die steun kan worden gezien als een vorm van passieve medeplichtigheid. Dat is pas strafbaar als er een internationale rechtsplicht bestaat te trachten een illegale oorlog te voorkomen. We zullen er hard op moeten studeren, want dit is moeilijke kost.'

En in Afghanistan, zijn we daar wel legaal?

'Nee, we hebben daar niets te zoeken. Er is in mijn ogen een ontoereikende juridische grondslag om daar dood en verderf te zaaien onder het mom de bevolking te helpen. Je ziet dat de VS trachten de juridische grondslag te verleggen. Ze zeggen nu dat het vooral de strijd tegen het internationale terrorisme is die onze aanwezigheid daar rechtvaardigt.

In het kader van die strijd moeten we democratie brengen en de taliban verjagen. Het is natuurlijk van den gekke. Al-Qaida zit helemaal niet in Afghanistan. Het is volstrekt illegitiem om daisy cutters, die bijna dezelfde uitwerking hebben als de atoombom op Hiroshima, op Tora Bora te gooien. Daar vallen honderden Afghaanse slachtoffers bij. In kranten staat triomfantelijk dat er bij een bombardement tachtig taliban om het leven zijn gekomen.

Maar niemand windt zich op over de burgerslachtoffers. Zo bizar. Dat zijn gewoon oorlogsmisdaden.'

Spong, die zich nu overduidelijk wel druk maakt, loopt naar zijn imposante boekenkast en pakt er The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder van de Amerikaanse openbaar aanklager Vincent Bugliosi uit. 'Een prachtig boek. Bugliosi zet hierin haarfijn uiteen hoe Bush vervolgd kan worden voor oorlogsmisdaden zowel in Irak als Afghanistan.'
Theorie, of gaat dat gebeuren?

'O ja, het is een kwestie van tijd. Dat is de reden waarom Bush al die jaren geweigerd heeft de rechtsmacht van het Internationaal Gerechtshof te erkennen. Hij zei wel dat hij zijn eigen manschappen wilde beschermen, maar wat hij bedoelde was dat hij zichzelf wilde beschermen.'

En Balkenende is de volgende?

'Het zou moeten.' - [einde citaat]

Bron: Vrij Nederland interview Spong - Url.:

Heel veel mensen in Nederland zullen toch 's moeten leren over de - door de propaganda media ook - opgeworpen en het zicht verhullende dijken moeten kijken. Men dient het absoluut globaal te zien.

De productie-eenheid Nederland is maar 'n onderdeel van het wereldomspannende web van 't multinationale en oorlogszuchtige kartel dat deze illegale roofmoorden - zoals in Irak - door de NAVO en andere huurlingen laat uitvoeren.

En de belastingbetaler betaalt onwetend dus dikwijls voor massamoord.

Het nederlandse Irak-rapport is gewoonweg 'n lachertje, waarbij de korrupte Balkenende vervangen kan worden door de al even korrupte Wouter Bos." - Dit is een heel belangrijk item - Url.:

Iedereen die de volgende links doorneemt zal begrijpen waarom Balkenende en de grote groep van oorlogsmisdadigers levenslange gevagenisstraf moet krijgen. Met een paar uurtjes per dag - weer of geen weer - an de schandpaal op het Damrak. Natuurlijk met een camera erop, zodat ook via Internet het voor de oorlogsmisdadigers vernederend schouwspel duidelijk is.

* Hier gaat het ook om: The Dark Roots of the "Brussels EU" - en dit is nog maar het begin van de globale ellende. - Url.:

* De oorlogsmisdadigers - Url.:

* De landsverraders die alle Nederlanders tot oorlogsmisdadigers hebben gemaakt. - NRC: "De hoofdpersonen in de besluitvorming tot Nederlandse deelname aan de oorlog in Irak." - Url.:



* Te schandalig voor woorden! "Kamer moet zich neerleggen bij radiostilte Irak" - Url.:

* NRC: ‘Steun Irak-oorlog hielp benoeming De Hoop Scheffer' - Url.:

* Windvaan en landsverrader Koenders: Kamercommissie vraagt helderheid over kill-and-destroy missie Afghanistan. - Url.:

* Wat iedereen zich moet afvragen: "Nederland in een notendop: wat hebben 'ze' met de mensen gedaan?" - Url.:


Friday, February 19, 2010


This is what it is all about, do the Dutch illegally stay in Afghanistan? - Google search - Url.:

Henk Ruyssenaars

19 Februari 2010 - Er werd door alle parlementariërs, inclusief de z..g. kabinetsleden, met geen woord gerept over de volgende, dikwijls dodelijke onderwerpen:

1) Geen woord over de uitermate beschamende illegaliteit [er is géén mandaat] van deze gewapende roofovervallen, waaraan Nederland en de miljarden hiervoor betalende belastingbetaler in het valselijke kader van de NAVO moet meedoen. - "NEDERLAND: DE GRONDWET, DE ILLEGALE OORLOGEN EN DE KOSTEN
" - Url.:

En de vroegere Secretaris Generaal van de Verenigde Naties, Kofi Annan, zei het nog eens heel duidelijk in een BBC interview: het is volledig illegaal! Onwettig dus. - Kofi Annan:'The war in Iraq is illegal' - BBC: video & tekst-interview. - Url.:

2) Er werd met geen woord gesproken over de onmenselijke manier waarop deze illegale roofmoorden plaatsvinden, en hoeveel miljoenen slachtoffers er vallen in die landen waar Nederland zogenaamd 'hulp' biedt. De enigen die ze helpen zijn ze zélf, want door de legale acties van lokale verzetsgroepen - door tegenstanders 'terroristen' genoemd - lopen ze levensgevaar.

De bezetters worden volgens de regels van de Conventie van Genève bevochten, en proberen zoveel mogelijk tot aan hun vertrek in leven te blijven. Degenen die verantwoordelijk zijn voor hun illegale verblijf daar zijn ook oorlogsmisdadigers, en dienen zwaar gestraft te worden. - "Reference guide to the Geneva Conventions." - Url.:

3) Ook werd een van de grootste gevaren voor iedereen niet genoemd in het lange debat: de vier en een half biljoen jaren durende radioactiviteit die men verspreidt via met uranium verrijkte ammunitie en ander wapentuig.

Uitermate beschamend is het feit dat Balkenende c.s. de horige nederlandse VN delegatie de opdracht gaf, tijdens het VN debat in het 1st Committee erover, vóór het verdere gebruik van DU te stemmen! Van alle landen in de VN (en die is toch vrijwel van de VS oorlogshetzers) stemden alleen Nederland, de VS, Engeland, de Tsjechen, Frankrijk van Sarkozy en natuurlijk Israel vóór DU gebruik.

De rest gebruikte 't gezonde menselijke verstand en stemde logischerwijze tégen.

Het verhaal daarover is zo goed als helemaal van Internet verdwenen, maar is in Canada en Indonesië nog wel te vinden. - Url.:

4) Ook volledig verzwegen: eerder schreef ik dit over nog een van 't met uranium verrijkte wapentuig en de dodelijke bijwerkingen, maar hierover werd al helemaal niet gesproken:

"On a site established by a group of professors from the University of Minnesota at Duluth this information is published: "In a group of 251 soldiers in one study group in Mississippi, all of whom had normally birthed babies prior to their participation in either of the two (Persian) Gulf Wars, 67% of their post-war offspring were born with severe deformities, including but not limited to, birth defects.

Many were born with limbs missing, missing or damaged organs, missing eyes, or had blood-related or immune system diseases. In some veteran's families, the only 'normal children' are those conceived and born before their participation in either of the Iraqi Wars." - Url.:

5) Geen woord ook over het feit dat windvaan Koenders zich in NOVA toen nog afvroeg waarom Nederland zo nodig moest meedoen aan de onmenselijke 'Kill & Destroy' acties van de amerikaanse troepen en andere mensonterende huurmoordenaars. Dit zei Koenders toen:

"De Tweede Kamercommissie voor Buitenlandse Zaken heeft dinsdag aan de ministers Kamp en Bot helderheid gevraagd over de Nederlandse militaire missie in Afghanistan. Dat zei het Tweede Kamerlid Bert Koenders (PvdA) in NOVA.

Volgens Koenders is het waarschijnlijk dat Nederlandse troepen medeverantwoordelijk worden voor het schenden van internationale rechtsregels. "Het is één missie, door de Amerikanen geleid. Of onze special forces aan kill-and-destroy missies doen is onduidelijk, we weten het niet, het is niet uit te sluiten. Het is logisch ervan uit te gaan dat wij medeverantwoordelijk zijn voor wat daar gebeurt."

"Gevangenen worden naar Guantanamo Bay gestuurd, mensen worden mishandeld of naar andere landen gestuurd, zoals Syrië. Als je buiten het internationale recht gaat vallen, is het einde zoek. Nederland wordt binnengezogen in een verkeerde strijd tegen terrorisme, waarin het de eigen rechtsregels overtreedt."

"De minister van Defensie licht ons onvoldoende voor. Vandaag heb ik dat ingebracht in de vaste Kamercommissie voor Buitenlandse Zaken, het verzoek om een visie. De collega's hebben ermee ingestemd om die visie te vragen", aldus Koenders in NOVA." - Url.:

Maar ook die oorlogsmisdadiger Koenders zal hier toch echt voor moeten worden veroordeeld. Ook hij - net als iedereen en speciaal de media proleten die hiertegen niet hebben geprotesteerd - is medeplichting aan het beroven en uitroeien van miljoenen mensen. Schuldig aan oorlogsmisdaden op grote schaal dus.

Onbegrijpelijk dat die mensachtigen nog mooi weer denken te kunnen spelen van belastingcenten! En natuurlijk blijven we voorlopig in Afghanistan, dat hebben de oorlogsprofiteurs zo bevolen.

6) Opium of heroïne? Niet alleen is de uitzending van nederlands kanonnenvoer een doodvonnis, over de enorme winst die wordt behaald door het niet gebruiken van de opium vernietigende 'Lotus' Eater werd weer niets gezegd. Dat 'onze jongens' - ten koste van iedereen en alles - deze drug dealing moeten beschermen, wegen aanleggen en herstellen onder het mom van 'hulp aan de Afghananen,' is te gek voor woorden.- Url.:

7) En al evenmin over de steun van de PvdA (Partij van de Armoede) en de landsverraderlijke vice-president en z.g. 'minister van financiën' Wouter Bos aan deze illegale invasie, die de belastingbetaler ongewild miljarden Euros kost. De parlementariërs die niks hebben gezegd zijn allemaal medeschuldig en zullen wegens hun verraad van de mensheid strafrechtelijk vervolgd moeten worden, zodra dit wettelijk gezien weer mogelijk is.


Op 7 Februari 2006 publiceerde ik via o.a. 'n open brief aan de PvdA, die net zo goed vandaag geschreven had kunnen zijn. De moordenaars gaan overdroten door. "Waarom moeten wij hun 'Kill & Destroy' acties uitvoeren", zei Kamerlid Koenders indertijd. Maar alweer zwijgt iedereen en is er een litanie vol met leugens om alles te verdoezelen. Maar: wie meedoet is medeplichtig...

T.a.v. 'Partij van de Arbeid' bestuur.

Betr.: PvdA email: 'Brief Wouter Bos over missie Afghanistan'


Nederland - 7 Feb. 2006 - "Vorige week heeft de Partij van de Arbeid-fractie ingestemd met het sturen van een missie naar Afghanistan. Doorslaggevend voor de afweging was dat, hoe moeilijk de situatie ter plekke ook kan zijn, Nederlandse militairen in Afghanistan iets kunnen betekenen voor de Afghaanse bevolking. Wouter Bos zet alle overwegingen uiteen in een brief aan de leden." - [einde citaat]

En er is veel meer over het verraad door deze oorlogsmisdadigers.


Beschamend is vooral het feit dat in het hele debat in de Kamer noch in het openbaar is gesproken over het doodvonnis dat mede door de PvdA over de mensen in Afghanistan en Irak is uitgesproken: de dood of verminking door de kogel of kanker door de straling van z.g. verarmd uranium' is globaal bewezen. Maar het nederlandse bestuurlijke wanbeleid zwijgt erover.

DU deformities - Url.:

De oorlogshetzers die mede Nederland verzieken, laten via de massamedia die ze bezitten niet toe, dat over het opofferen van zoveel mensen aan hun ziekelijke en onmenselijke profijtbegeer wordt gesproken of geschreven. - Url.:

De SP zag de eigen bijdrage aan dit spel voor de galerijen zo:


18-02-2010 • “Dat het kabinet rollebollend over straat gaat over een nieuwe missie in Afghanistan is beschamend.” Dat zei SP-fractieleider Agnes Kant woensdag in het debat over de chaos in het kabinet naar aanleiding van het verzoek van de NAVO voor een nieuwe missie in Uruzgan.

Kant: “De Tweede Kamer heeft het Kabinet eerder nadrukkelijk verzocht zich te houden aan het eerdere besluit. Namelijk: alle militairen eind dit jaar weg en geen nieuwe militaire missie in Uruzgan.”

Het kabinet sleept zich voort van conflict naar conflict. Relatietherapie lijkt me geen optie meer. Ik las vanochtend ergens: de stekker zit er nog wel in, maar de stroom is afgesloten.

Zelfs als dit weer gladgestreken wordt, heeft dit kabinet zijn laatste greintje geloofwaardigheid wel verloren. Er is een patroon van onderling wantrouwen.
De regering regeert niet, maar wordt geregeerd door interne ruzies.

De SP was tegen de oorlog in Afghanistan. Deze uitzichtloze oorlog moet stoppen.
Meer militairen betekent meer geweld, meer slachtoffers.

De Tweede Kamer heeft het Kabinet eerder nadrukkelijk verzocht zich te houden aan het eerdere besluit. Namelijk: alle militairen eind dit jaar weg en geen nieuwe militaire missie in Uruzgan.

Het verzoek van de NAVO dat er nu ligt staat hier haaks op. Hoe kan dit? Hoe kunnen contacten van de minister van buitenlandse zaken met de NAVO leiden tot een verzoek om wel een nieuwe missie in Uruzgan te starten als het duidelijk is dat een Kamermeerderheid daar niets voor voelt.

En hoe kan het dat er, nadat het kabinet er 16 keer over gesproken heeft, er een verzoek uitrolt waarvan een coalitiepartij en de vicepremier stelt dat het onbespreekbaar is?

In de publieke ruzie vorige week stelde minister Verhagen dat vicepremier Bos volledig op de hoogte was van zijn contacten met de NAVO. Minister Bos stelde echter dat het verzoek niet namens hem was. In het vragenuur afgelopen dinsdag zei minister Verhagen weer dat alle contacten in goed overleg met de betrokken bewindspersonen hebben plaatsgevonden en dat die optie dus wel bespreekbaar was.

Het kan niet allebei waar zijn. Dus nu graag duidelijkheid van beide heren. Wist vicepremier Bos nu wel of niet dat deze optie met de NAVO besproken zou worden, ja of nee?

Ik ben ook benieuwd of er nog meer opties zijn besproken met de NAVO en zo ja welke opties? Is het mogelijk dat de NAVO binnenkort, misschien zelfs één dezer uren met een nieuw verzoek komt?

Vicepremier Bos heeft gezegd dat “eind dit jaar de laatste Nederlandse militair vertrokken moet zijn uit Uruzgan, dat we die belofte moeten houden en dat betekent dat er negatief geantwoord zal moeten worden op het verzoek van de Navo.” Uiteraard ben ik benieuwd wat de MP en de minister van Buza hier van vinden?

Het gaat over zo’n zwaarwegende kwestie: namelijk of onze militairen al dan niet vertrekken uit Uruzgan.

Dat het kabinet daarover rollenbollend over straat gaat is beschamend."

SP - Url.:


De SP is en was tegen uitzending van Nederlandse militairen naar de Afghaanse provincie Uruzgan. Deze operatie is voorgesteld als een vredesoperatie in het kader van ISAF (International Security Assistance Force). De SP heeft altijd bestreden dat dit een vredesoperatie kán zijn omdat deze ISAF-operaties niet te scheiden zijn van de tegelijkertijd ondernomen oorlogsacties in het kader van operatie Enduring Freedom. De actuele ontwikkelingen in het zuiden van Afghanistan zetten dit argument kracht bij.
SP - Url.:

VN rapport: "Nederland moordt in Afghanistan."

"De meeste doden onder Afghaanse burgers vielen in juni door toedoen van Nederlandse militairen. Eerder trok het ministerie van defensie een andere conclusie," zo staat in het VN rapport over de Nederlandse oorlogsmisdaden te lezen, dat vandaag door het dagblad Trouw wordt geciteerd.



FPF - 17-10-2007 - Nederland heeft door de jaren heen als 'Staat' ook veel verdragen en oorlogsconventies ondertekend, die internationaal geldig zijn. En afgelopen 8 Oktober werd Nederland roulerend voorzitter van de VN vluchtelingenhulp, de UNHCR.*

Maar in de persverklaringen van ons personeel dat Buitenlandse Zaken 'doet', wordt er met geen enkel woord gerept over het feit dat Nederland - door diezelfde Verenigde Naties en in een rapport over Afghanistan - schuldig is bevonden aan schendingen van het oorlogsrecht.

En dat het overduidelijk is dat men medeschuldig is aan het ontstaan van miljoenen erbarmelijke vluchtelingen, die men nu beweert via UNHCR te willen 'helpen'. De gebruikelijke voorgelogen 'mantel der barmhartigheid' die echter de weerzinwekkende oorlogsmisdaden niet kan bedekken.

Uit het VN rapport blijkt wederom dat het met belastinggeld betaalde personeel op het z.g. 'ministerie van defensie', dat ook de belangen van de mensen die hen betalen moet behartigen, voor de zoveelste keer heeft gelogen en de kluit blijft belazeren.

Zoals gebruikelijk heeft het propagagerende tuig de illegale en ongrondwettelijke oorlogszaken beter voorgesteld dan ze in werkelijkheid zijn, en schreven ze 'officieel' in een brief aan de Tweede Kamer dat alles okidoki was, en de normale gang van zaken.

Iedereen kan begrijpen dat 'waar er gehakt wordt spaanders vallen' maar hier is sprake van globale illegale roofbouw en ontbossing."

Lees de rest hier s.v.p. - Url.:

En moge deze z.g. politici allemaal krijgen wat ze verdienen!

Vuile, verkochtte schokbrekers zijn 't, die z.g. politicia maar ook hun collaborateurs, en ze moeten de schokken opvangen van de mensen die hen betalen, en de mensachtigen die hen bevelen....



* De 'Verrader des Vaderlands' Wouter Bos - de tien jaar lang door de misselijkmakende en onmenselijke SHELL opgeleidde Bos, doet precies voor zijn mensachtige globale managers wat ze bevelen. Mensen heeft Bos volledig lak aan, en hij laat Nederland leegbloeden. Het deert hem allemaal geen zier, zolang hij en zijn creaturen van managers er wel bijvaren. Financieel zowel als strategisch. Zie zijn biografie. - Url.:



* WAPENS VIA SCHIPHOL IN OORLOGSTIJD NAAR ISRAËL - Dutch Airport illegal weapons transport center for Israel - Url.:



* DE ANGST VAN DE FÜHRERS - The Fear of the Führers - Url.:





* JOURNALISTIEK VERZET TEGEN DE IRAK OORLOG? - 17.02.2003 - De Tweede Kamer zal vandaag worden 'ingelicht' door het démissionaire kabinet, of men Nederland volledig als Amerikaanse oorlogsbasis te schande gaat maken. - Url.:


* EN AL DIE ILLEGALE TOESTANDEN BESTAAN DOOR DE KWAADAARDIGHEID VAN SOMMIGEN EN DE DOMHEID EN MENSONWAARDIGHEID VAN ONS SLAAFSE PERSONEEL. Dat de hun eerst betalende opdrachtgevers - wij de mensen - lafhartig heeft verraden voor een genetisch gemanipuleerd bord linzen en 30 zilverlingen. Dat kun je alleen maar doen als je als mens volledig geestelijk bent uitschakelt. Als je pschopaat en 'mensachtig' bent geworden. - Url.:

* GRONDWET VOOR HET KONINKRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN - "Zoals deze laatstelijk is gewijzigd bij de Wet van 10 juli 1995, Stb. 401, 402, 403 en 404" - Url.:






Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
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